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Reviews of "Yes to the Mess"

“Finally! A book that applies the tools of an improvising jazz musician to great leadership. The modern world can no longer afford the orchestral model of management – lots of people playing the same part and a leader who stands apart from it all. The new world is premised on intense communication, lightning-speed decision making, risk taking, and a degree of perfected competence that allows spontaneous and brilliant composing—namely jazz. Yes to the Messgets it right.”

                                                                 -Roger H. Brown, President, Berklee College of Music;

                                                                                     Cofounder, Bright Horizons



“With the velvety tones of Wes Montgomery and the wail of Miles Davis, professional jazz musician and management scholar Frank Barrett plays a set to enchant us. Pour a glass of wine, sit back, and listen to this engaging story of how to help teams and organizations innovate instead of replicate.”

                                                                -Richard Boyatzis, Distinguished University Professor,

                                                           Case Western Reserve University; coauthor,

                                                           Primal Leadership and Resonant Leadership



“I’ve known Frank Barrett for over thirty years, and we’ve often discussed the strange confluence of learned experience and pure intuition that exists in jazz improvisation. Frank gives us an insight into that world and how its lessons can be applied to almost any walk of life-truly fascinating!”

                                             -Ken Peplowski, Award-winning jazz clarinetist

                                                                                         and Saxophonist

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